Dr. Shilpa S. Mehta
Dental Director ( D.D.S)

University: UC San Francisco
Interests: Family, travelling and reading
Dr. Bela R. Patel
Dentist (D.D.S.)

University: University of California
Years of Experience: 3 years
Interests: Hiking and travelling
Dr. Nicole  Trang Pham
Dentist (D.D.S.)

University: University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
Interests: Photography and hiking
Dr. Iris Yang
Dentist (D.D.S.)

University: NYU College of Dentistry
Interests: Art and outdoors
Dr. Leandra Tolosa
Dentist (D.M.D.)

University: Centro Escolar University, Manila Philippines
Interests: Reading and travelling
Dr. Anthony Q. Phan
Dentist (D.M.D)

University: Boston University
Interests: Cooking, Travelling and family
Dr. Bryant Lee
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: UCSF, San Francisco
Interests: Fishing, biking and sports
Dr. Roberta Van Chek
Dentist (D.M.D)

University: Midwestern University
nterests: Hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends
Dr. Charmee  Patel
Dentist (D.M.D)

University: Howard University
Interests:  Travelling, cooking, shopping, and going to fitness classes
Dr. Nhung  Nhoc Tran
Dentist (D.D.S)

Case Western Reserve Dental School
Interests:  Spending time with family, hiking and gardening.
Dr. Vicky Jessy Tang
Dentist (D.M.D.)

University:   xxxxxx
Interests:  xxxxxx
Dr. Tiffany Yau
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: University of Pacific Dental
Interests:  Hiking and travelling.
Dr. Son Nguyen
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: Boston University
Interests: Reading
Dr. Vinni Singh
Associate Dental Director (D.D.S)

University: University of the Pacific
Interests: Tennis, hiking, anything active and playing with my dog
Dr. Seung-Hwan An
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: XXXXX
Interests:   xxxxx

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Our mission is to provide our community with high-quality comprehensive affordable medical, dental, and counseling services at our easily accessible health clinics. Seeing a need to balance the inequalities in healthcare, Foothill Community Health Center provides health services to everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, or ability to pay for services.
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